As beneficiaries, firstly we’d like to inform you about how the urban transformation process is going to work.

You have access to more detailed information below but, for you beneficiaries, we can summarize like this.

  1. Making pre agreement
  2. Real estate determination and evaluation
  3. Signing of Area share building agreements
  4. Starting urban transformation activities
  5. Carrying out master plan and application
  6. Preparing architectural projects
  7. Taking necessary licenses and permits
  8. Starting demolishment and building process.

So how long would this process take ?

  1. Preparing master plan and city design project, coming to an agreement with you beneficiaries and signing area share building agreements, starting work and processes within law no 6306 – approximately 24 months
  2. After master plan and urban design project approved, preparing application projects and application for license – approximately 30 days
  3. Building time (starting-finishing), approximately 36 months after taking building license.

What kind of information are going to be served by SAMPAÞ to you during the process?

  1. Real estate determination and valuation reports
  2. Project information
  3. Technical specifications
  4. Legal agreement
  5. Share diagram of independent section and common parts
  6. Administration plan
  7. Assurances and warranties
  8. Moving and rent incentive list
  9. Work schedule

What does working with SAMPAÞ give to you beneficiaries?

  1. First of all, you’ll take a share at a project that has a very high brand value.
  2. SAMPAÞ puts value increase on the forefront. Value increase means not destroying green but protecting it, using all the advantages of the technology alongside and offers projects which are smart, breathable, human oriented and takes modern life’s necessities into consideration.
  3. As the project it created has high added value, it gains more value compared to the other similar projects. You’ll have higher rent income and if you sell your real estate, you’ll get more profit.
  4. You’ll be working with a strong, corporate, a listening and solution offering business partner. The ability and of us to work with Our urban transformation experts, architects, city planners, map engineers, financial solution partners, municipalities and ministry and our lawyers with wide experience, we pledge to always be with you our beneficiaries.

What kind of assurances SAMPAÞ is offering?

  1. As a part of the process starting with the demolishment of your current buildings, we prepare construction right in return for flat and real estate selling agreement.
  2. Preparing agreements that include serious penal clauses if parties do not complete performance on time, not being loyal to schedule, not working appropriately on the agreed material or not fulfilling legal responsibilities after building.
  3. Insuring building completing insurance accepted by consumer legislation about finishing constructions and delivering to area owners.
  4. Giving housing benefits according to the specialties of your real estate during the construction.
  5. We do new concept project’s calculation and valuation with CMB licensed valuation company experts’ determinations on your current buildings measurement and value.
  6. After these works, we designate your place according to your intangible right to prevent you from losing value.

Besides this, we can list the important information about process and support for beneficiaries like this:

• First of all to determine the risk situation of the building, beneficiaries apply to ministry licensed entity corporations with deed and id photocopies.

• Building that are determined to be risky after the determination, is reported to Istanbul Sub Structure and Urban Transformation Directorate in written form in 10 work days. By related directorate of land registry, “risky building” mark is registered to the related land register and this situation will be declared to beneficiaries.

• If the projects which are going to be carried out on areas which were declared as risky, for some reason, if it is not possible to build the previously current number of the houses, some right holders has the opportunity to get rights of buildings built on reserve building areas.

• On risky areas, according to the damns of the people living in reserve building areas or risky buildings, government gives housing allowance up to 18 months. Interest support is also given by the loans taken from banks. People evacuated by agreement, demolished or nationalized buildings residents, renters and limited similar right holders can benefit.

• Discussion and agreement play a very important role in urban transformation with beneficiaries. As SAMPAÞ, it is imperative to find a consensus with best cooperation, communication and partnership possible by making meetings during the process with all beneficiaries.

• With Urban Transformation projects, the anticipated value given to a beneficiary is going to be calculated. Aiming to agree with beneficiaries on urban transformation process, their current real estate values (participation value) is going to be related to the project value which is going to arise as a result of urban transformation project and the determination work of the distributed value will be carried out.

• Distribution value of the beneficiary which is appropriate to the distribution scenario done within the scope of project, proposals to give as cash or real estate or one or more independent sections (equal to the value to be taken from the distribution) are going to be carried out. This study is going to be carried out for all beneficiaries and shareholders. For all shareholders, distribution lists are going to prepared and submitted for management’s approval.