SAMPAS, with its Urban Transformation Projects, aims to create new prestigious places with human and vision oriented, spatial, integrative, social and economic development planning approach.

SAMPAS; is serving with its expert technical team consisting of architects, city planners, landscape architects, engineers, sociologists and economists.


Above all, information about the city and the residents, necessary for urban transformation can be determined address and real estate based.

Thanks to this, logical management approach can be reached more easily. In this century that we aim to be an information society, the data obtained by municipality, carried a great importance for the name of modern municipalism and service quality and efficiency.

As a result of smart urban transformation, spread of “human oriented” management, will increase the value of municipalities and so the cities brand value, makes them serve more efficiently and increase the life quality of city residents overall.

Naturally, feedback of increasing the satisfaction of residents and having them take much higher standards of service to municipalities is something desired.


The role of municipalities during the urban transformation is described within the scope of law no 6306 Transformation of Areas under Disaster Risk. Environment and Urbanization Ministry is indicative about application.
The progress of the process is as follows:

  1. Detection of risky building according to the law, by building residents or their legal representatives, have done by entities or establishments licensed by ministry and the result is reported to ministry or the management. (Expenses designated by ministry in the regulations are on their own expenses)
  2. Ministry may demand the determination of risky building from residents or legal representatives. If not completed in given time, determination will be carried out by ministry or management.
  3. Ministry may demand the determination of risk building in the designated area by management by giving time. Appeal to determination carried out by Ministry or management by residents or their legal representatives in 15 days.
  4. This appeals, upon the ministry’s demand from universities, are evaluated and decided by a team consisting of four discipline professors assigned from university and three assigned from the ministry.
  5. The expense of determination carried out by ministry or management is reported to related directorate of Land registry.
  6. Directorate of Land Registry, to make residents of the building jointly responsible upon the land share on deed, declared mutual encumbrance according to expense and informs ministry or management and building’s residents.
    The definition of “Administrations” consists of municipalities within municipality and adjoint area, provincial special administrations, metropolitan municipalities in metropolitans and, if assigned by Ministry, district municipalities within metropolitan municipalities’ boundaries.