In our country, earthquake is an inevitable reality

97% of our country’s soil is placed within risky zones with different rates and unfortunately, almost all of the population (98%) is living on those zones. When taking the fact that losses due to earthquake happens in those over populated, filled with economic and social activities, cities into consideration; we believe that the importance of cities being livable and sustainable is going to get only higher.

Considering the disasters happened recently in our country and especially the Istanbul Earthquake expected in 30 years, 15 million building are detected to be under large scale risk. Every minute we do not use our current knowledge and mind and not taking any measures, risk is getting higher and we are going into an era which we cannot ease our consciences by donating or sending our old clothes to earthquake zones.

With Law no 6306 about Transformation of Disaster Risk Areas coming into force, an opportunity to switch to cities which has no transportation, green spaces, air pollution, water and energy consumption problems, offers modern living spaces from our cities that developed unplanned. In this regard, Law no 6306, which also called as Urban Transformation Law, is Turkey’s most important social project. We, as SAMPAÞ, set off to underline this reality and attract public attention.

Turkey’s first “Smart City” architect SAMPAÞ, which aimed to be the pioneer and guiding company since the that its founded; by materializing “Smart Urban Transformation” projects, which is logical, without compromising social benefits to income and profit, beneficiaries are protected, aims to build “Smart, Aesthetic and Sustainable” cities in cooperation during Turkey’s urban transformation process.

With Smart Urban Transformation;

  • We desire to transform, with our own will, almost 7 million buildings that have falling risk without losing any lives,
  • We desire to not let our dear ISTANBUL to be buried under rubble because of negligence,
  • We desire to build our new cities logically with onsite urban transformation,
  • We desire to get our cities to compete with their international counterparts,
  • We desire to convince foreign investors to back this transformation.
  • We burn the candle at both ends, regarding this at patriotism, working and believe that with “Smart Urban Transformation”, we are going to realize “Smart, Aesthetic and Sustainable” cities.