Transformation projects must be planned in a way that economically poor people can be employed

SAMPAŞ, which is forming a strong bridge between citizen and local government by applying Smart City solutions at 500 municipalities, presented cities’ brand value and the applications that increase city residents’ life quality and CeBIT 2014.
As the first implementer of “Smart City” concept in Turkey, SAMPAŞ established 6 stations on a large 500 square meter area and bring Smart City and Urban Transformation projects together with corporate visitors.

SAMPAŞ, offering high added value services to local governments with 33 years experience like software design and installation, education, management, maintenance, support services and consultations and carried out Smart City applications at over 500 municipalities, became the limelight of CeBIT.

At the expo, SAMPAŞ presented Web Based Management Information System (WebMIS), Smart Municipalism (MIB), AKOS – Urban Project Solution and Services, Smart Water Management, Urban Transformation and Transformation Road Map at Municipalities and informed its visitors about “Smart, Aesthetic, Ecological and Sustainable Cities.”

Karakaya: The number of our smart cities will increase quickly in the near future

THE CEO of SAMPAŞ Şekip Karakaya, indicated that they had an efficient expo term during CeBIT 2014 and stated that: “Nowadays cities are getting more crowded, service network of municipalities and local governments is getting bigger. In this enlarging network, it is getting harder to serve every citizen at same quality. We, as the “city engineer” step in at this phase. While doing this engineering, we prioritize citizen. We establish relationships between citizen and local governments and local governments and central governments.

With our Smart city solutions, we offer applications that increase the brand value and the life quality of resident, spreading human oriented management approach. At this expo, we shared our local success stories that won international awards to our corporate visitors. We presented the point we are at urban transformation works with practical solution examples to community. We shared our modernization projects for cities that came to a level in Turkey to get a competitive structure and gain important success. We hope that in near future the number of smart cities are going to increase a lot.”

The applications that were presented at SAMPAŞ’s 6 station at CeBIT

1.Web Based Management Information System (WEBMIS): While it ensures real time efficient management with new age web technology, it enables municipalities to prepare their own repots with new reporting structure.

2.Smart Municipalism (MIB): Thanks to its manageable, measureable and sustainable structure, it decreases the expenses of information technologies and increases municipalities’ corporate application and work process performance. It enables citizens to contact municipalities from different channels and the ability to make efficient decisions. Also, with mobile municipalism, it starts onsite service era. It enables corporate integration via e-government and private sector via service oriented architecture.

With WIB concept; Services like Mobile Mayor, Mobile Citizen, Mobile Numbering, Mobile Business Operating License, Mobile Misdemeanor, Mobile Revenues, Mobile Request Complaint, Mobile Crew Management, Mobile Zoning Information applications are also presented.

3.AKOS – Urban Project Management: By gathering municipalities’ all city information city needs under a single roof, increases citizens’ life quality and creates satisfaction. Enables resource saving by enabling logical decision making and forms City’s information system structure.

4.Smart Water Management: By realizing efficient and prolific water management, it minimizes water loss, offers environmentally friendly and ecological water solutions.

5.Urban Transformation Road Map:SAMPAŞ, sharing its experience and projects in the field of urban transformation with municipalities, draws a road map to municipalities to add value to their urban transformation projects. Presents technological solution prepared for Smart City Transformation.

6.Transformation Road Map at Metropolitans: With the smart, aesthetic and sustainable solutions it offers, SAMPAŞ argues that transformation is a must for a sustainable city. Smart city with technological transformation, Aesthetic city with urban transformation and Sustainable, Habitable and Ecological Cities with sustainable city transformation are formed.

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